About Legal Aid

Who can receive legal aid?

Every Yukon resident can apply to Yukon Legal Services Society (YLSS) for legal assistance. However, to receive legal aid:

  • You must have a legal problem that we cover.
  • Your income and the value of your property must be below a certain limit. (see Eligibility Guidelines)
  • You might have to pay a contribution to Yukon Legal Services Society.
  • In some civil matters, there must also be a strong reason (merit) for providing legal aid to assist you.
  • The legal problem is something that a reasonable person would, if financially able, pay a lawyer to do.

Does it cost anything to get legal aid assistance?

Legal aid is free to people who fall with our financial eligibility guidelines. If you are slightly over our guidelines, you may be required to pay some amount back to Yukon Legal Services Society. If you receive money as a result of a settlement or judgment, you will probably have to repay some or all costs of your legal aid assistance.

Which lawyers provide legal aid?

YLSS employs nine staff lawyers who work at four separate law offices. For a list of clinics and lawyers, see Offices, Hours, and Contacts. Some private bar lawyers will also provide legal aid through agreements with YLSS. There is no difference in training and professional qualifications between staff and private lawyers providing legal aid - all provide high quality legal services. While you can request a specific lawyer when you apply for legal aid, there is no guarantee that the lawyer you requested will be assigned to you.

Is Yukon Legal Services Society part of the government?

Yukon Legal Services Society receives funding from Government of Yukon and the Federal Government of Canada, but is an independent, non-profit organization that provides legal help for people in the Yukon Territory. We are not a government agency, organization or department. Yukon Legal Services Society is created and regulated by a law, the Legal Services Society Act. According to the law, Yukon Legal Services Society is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Yukon Territorial Minister of Justice and administered by an Executive Director.